10888 WEST DRIVE #3
                     MORONGO VALLEY, CA 92256
                       TELEPHONE: 760-363-1164
                            CELL: 760-792-4596
                      E-MAIL: wcstour@yahoo.com

                            WCST TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE

DATE                                  CENTER                              CITY                               TOURNAMENT

May 6                                Cal Bowl                          Lakewood, CA                   WCST Singles
                                                                                                               $190.00 Entry Fee
                            NO TOURNAMENTS SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 2017
July 8-9                     Riverside Casino Lanes    Laughlin, NV                      WCST Singles
                                                                                                                   $185.00 Entry Fee

Aug 12                         Canyon Lanes                   Cabazon, CA                     WCST Singles
                                                                                                                    $185.00 Entry Fee
Sept 2                            Westminster Lanes      Westminster, CA                WCST Singles
                                                                                                                     $185.00 Entry Fee

Oct  1
5                          Linbrook Bowl                  Anaheim, CA                      WCST Singles
SUNDAY                                                                                                     $185.00 Entry Fee

Nov 4                             Southpoint Lanes          Las Vegas, NV                   WCST  Singles
                                                                                                                      $185.00 Entry Fee  

December 9-10            Riverside Casino Lanes   Laughlin, NV                  WCST Singles
Estimated $1800.00 added from End of Yr Fund                                     $200.00 Entry Fee
Added Money from the End of the Year Fund.  Bowler must be current WCST Member to be eligible
to enter, and had bowled in at least one WCST Tournament in 2017. A current member that has not
bowled any WCST Tournaments in 2017, to enter must add $50.00 to his entry fee, and that fee will
be added to the prize fund.
Our Bowling Team